We blackgold  have continuous develop our charcoal product and now we are the best product quality here in Thailand.


The energy crisis facing the world is probably the single biggest threat to the existence of civilization as we know it. Quite apart from the fact that human activity and development is largely dependant on the quantity of energy available, the quality of the energy used is becoming increasingly important.

One of the challenges faced by the world today, namely climate change, is directly linked to the emission of “Greenhouse Gases” by fossil fuels such as coal and oil.

What is needed, urgently, is not merely more sources of energy, but those that provide clean and green energy.

BLACKGOLD RENEWABLES is in the business of producing alternate energy sources and helping the cause of protecting the environment by providing energy sources that do not add to the earth’s existing global warming problems.

COCONUT SHELL CHARCOAL BRIQUETTES, BLACKGOLD’ first product, is a 100% natural fuel, made from the shell of the coconut fruit. It is the ideal heat sources for cooking, barbequing and home heating, as it is smokeless and odourless.

More importantly, it is Eco-friendly, as it is not made from wood – no trees need to be destroyed to produce this fuel, and it does not release ANY harmful gases when used. Do your bit for the planet; shift to BLACKGOLD BRIKKETS.

Company Description:Offering High Quality Products And  Services We blackgold corproration Co., Ltd. In the year 2009. Our plant is in the Southern Part of Thailand. We have long time experience in charcoal briquettes production. We produced BBQ charcoal, charcoal briquettes and Shisha charcoal from 100% coconut shell by selected from the old coconut fruits. The production process starting from prepare coconut shell charcoal on stockpile, crushing by crusher machine and compress charcoal on shape, heating by oven machine 72 hours and packing 2kg, 25 kg. Properties of products 100% natural charcoal (non chemical) provided higher heat and long time ignition burn evenly without producing smoke and flames, small ashes great taste for BBQ. Environmental friendly since non-sulfur. Testing result: Report on testing and analysis by  , Department of Science Service. Thailand Fixed carbon 76.90% Volatile Matter 13% Ash 4.50% Moisture 5.60% Heating Value 7,526cal/g

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